David Ruffin - Anything That You Ask For

Late night editing fuelled by some sweet, sweet motown

My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep

It’s a My Bloody Valentine kind of day

Ducktails - Sunset Liner

Night Moves - Headlights

Danny Brown - Grown Up

This is my jam right now. 

Aphex Twin - Flim (slowed down)

Someone posted a slowed down version of Flim to youtube and I concur with all of the following comments: “fuck yes” “so dope” “tru dat” and “this shit go hard my niggga”

Happy birthday to my baby sis! 

Ocean Beach, SF

Alexander Falls, BC

Finally developed a roll of 35mm film - it only takes me half a year to get through 36 exposures…

Edgar the Beatmaker - Feotus

I love whoever put this up on youtube. Sadly, you can’t buy or download any Edgar the Beatmaker tracks on Bandcamp :(

King Krule - Little Wild

Only just found out about this bonus track on the Japanese edition of 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Sometimes life isn’t fair. 

Perfume Genius - Queen

New single just got released and it’s awesome.