CANADA makes the best music videos. 

Ariel Pink - Baby

Sooo goood. 

Loving this awesome video of Mac DeMarco performing in the most random locations. Directed by the amazing Hiro Murai. Excited for ‘Salad Days’ to come out!

Father John Misty - Funtimes in Babylon

Mac DeMarco - My Kind of Woman

So jangly and dreamy.

A pretty sweet remix of King Krule’s ‘Easy Easy’

All hail King Krule

Beck - NYC: 73-78 

This remix of Philip Glass’ work is so amazingly beautiful and awesome.

Harmoniuming in the sun

Blue skies and wind in the grass

Went to the aquarium and saw these blobby creatures called “jellyfish”

Angel Haze - New York (King Krule remix)